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Great Pop Songs #6

I was really happy to find this CD and  i can happily say this was one of my best finds of the day.

emma b

Emma Bunton – Free Me (2004)
Tracks : Tomorrow / You Are

I love the single Maybe, Hadn’t heard it in ages so bought this CD for 50p in a Chatham chairty shop Maybe is a superb pop track based on riffs borrowed from the Pizzicato 5. After repeated plays of "Maybe" I left the CD on and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Lots of good melodies with a handful being very easy listening inspired.


Several spins later I found myself besotted with Tomorrow, a fantastic pop song with just enough soulfulness, tension and release to hit all the right spots. The string and horn arrangements are reminiscent of something Tony Hatch would have done for Petula Clark in the 60s. You Are is another great mid-tempo pop song with a proper ear worm for a chorus. It’s ultra-sweet but very infectious.


I also love the ultra – slow final track called So Beautiful but it may be too sugary for some people. The lowest point of this CD which should really have been a highlight is Emma’s run through of Crickets Sing For Anna Maria. It’s less of a run and more of a flat-footed pedestrian stroll.

Notes :
Nick Ingman handles the orchestral arrangement on Maybe and Tomorrow and both were written by Emma and a Mr Bondy….Yak Bondy. Yak is obviously a songwriter with a deep love of easy listening and further investigation on Discogs reveals his songwriting is all over a range of 90s and 00s CDs by the likes of Lisa Stansfield, Amy Studt, Billie Piper, Rachel Stevens, S Club 7 and the Spice Girls.

Gavyn Wright (sometimes spelt Gavin) is another name to note. He’s a violinist and orchestral arranger who has worked with an amazing array of artists. He’s on several tracks here working alongside Nick Ingman and his name pops up in the credits of loads of other pop CDs.

Summary :
This whole CD is an excellent and interesting listen. It has Easy Listening references threaded throughout it and no poor tracks excepting perhaps the very mundane run through of "Crickets Sing For Ana Maria". If you like "Maybe" and "Tomorrow" try "You Are" too. If all three float your boat then there’s probably other stuff on this CD you’ll like too.

(Thanks to Ian for supplying the details here)